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Wraps, Distributor, JenWrapsUSkinny, It Works, Jennifer Kelly
  • Mon, 10:14: DONT INVITE YOU TO DO SHIT when they have you. Oh BUT once you leave your the most important thing on earth! #BS
  • Mon, 10:16: I don't have time for bullshit. I've wasted half my life on it.
  • Mon, 10:18: Fuck it. I can't even deal with this crap. Why I'm still on this earth is beyond me.
  • Mon, 10:22: You had 20 fucking years of my life to change. Treat me right. Do what you had to do...and what did you do!? #NOTHING
  • Mon, 10:23: I don't understand my life. This pain. This torture. This bullshit. Nothing makes any fucking sense.
  • Mon, 10:27: Quit trying to make a fool of me.


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